Features and Benefits

HEP Plasma Lighting technology has several unique attributes:

  • Tailored Spectral Output: The absence of electrodes enables wide flexibility in the dose chemistry and spectral output to be accurately specified.  This means that the ionCORE™ light engine is perfect for horticulture grow-lights and for tailoring to specific plants; our work has also identified opportunities for a UV-C spectrum for sterilisation.
  • Improved Lifetimes and Lumen Maintenance: Electrodes and metal-to-glass seals are the common failure mechanisms in traditional discharge lighting.  With no electrodes in HEP plasma lighting these failure mechanisms are eliminated; this ensures longer life and high lumen maintenance levels of 90%.
  • Very Bright Small Source Size: The small size of the quartz lamp improves collection of the generated light, dramatically improving energy efficiency.
  • Good Vertical & Horizontal Illuminance: The small single point source facilitates efficient reflector designs, distributing light along vertical surfaces whilst maintaining high horizontal illuminance.  This is crucial for horticulture where plasma grow-lights can penetrate through a canopy for uniform plant growth.
  • Fully Dimmable:  HEP plasma lighting can be fully controllable, with real–time dimming down to 50% of system power and with a comparable reduction in power consumption.  This enables fixtures to be utilised very effectively to deliver specific local task lighting requirements as and when required.
  • Rapid Re-start: Power outages are a fact of life, but in such an event, plasma grow-lights will cool sufficiently to enable a full restart within four minutes.
  • Flicker-Free Output: Flicker is 'the impression of unsteadiness of visual sensation induced by a light stimulus - the fading and brightening of a light source at any given rate.  Traditional lighting operates between 50 Hz and several kHz, and can cause varying levels of flicker.  The human eye doesn't perceive this but modern cameras operating at very fast speeds can and becomes noticeable during slo-mo replays.  Ceravision's HEP plasma lighting operates at microwave frequencies and is thus effectively flicker-free making it perfect for video recording.

The UV420 Plasma Grow-Light is Perfect for Supplementary Grow-Lighting

      Several Unique Features:

  • Economically delivers blue-light, UV-A and UV-B through 280 to 550 nm and is designed to complement standard HPS grow-lights
  • Working alongside red-end spectrum lights the UV420  delivers the complete natural spectrum required by plants
  • Small luminaire provides excellent light penetration and minimal shadowing
  • Lamp life in excess of 25,000 hours
  • Output and spectra can be adjusted to deliver appropriate wavelengths for each growing period
  • Quantity and wavelength of light can be modified according to the transmitting filter used.

      Provides Superior Performance Benefits:

  • In indoor areas, with limited natural sunlight, the UV420 will boost the blue light, UV-A and UV-B required by plants
  • Increased chlorophyll production and thereby improved photosynthesis
  • Triggers blue light photoreceptors in plants, which increases biomass and accelerates growth
  • Stronger rooting system to encourage faster vegetative growth
  • Enhanced colour, fragrance, nutritional value, taste and potency
  • Improved pollination from pollinators attracted by the UV on the flowers
  • Reduced microbial attack and pests.

      Improves Economics for Higher Returns on Investment:

  • Longer life units
  • Prolonged output with ‘Maintenance Factor of +90% over life
  • Fewer HPS units required
  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduced costs and needs for hazardous pesticides
  • Increased frequency of crop production.

      Higher Value End Products:

  • Larger crop volume/weight
  • Improved taste and fragrancy
  • In cannabis, anecdotal evidence suggests increased production of cannabinoids - CBD and THC - and can raise resin production by 20%.

Further Information

Future Applications

Light is now a value added utility in many sectors. Offering a wide spectral range and energy efficiency, Ceravision's HEP lighting technology has the flexibility to offer economic solutions in high value global markets.

HEP Plasma Lighting Technology

HEP Plasma lighting is perfect for horticulture grow-lighting, where it delivers UV-A and UV-B light; and with its flexible spectral outputs and efficiency it offers solutions across a range of applications.

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