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Ceravision Corporate Brochure 

Find out about Ceravision; our mission, vision, and all about our high efficiency plasma lighting technology.

Case Study - Western Province Cricket Club 

Western Province Cricket Club is extremely proud of its facilities for cricket, however the Indoor Centre lighting needed to be upgraded. The existing lighting in this facility was a 400W metal halide lighting system which was over 12 years old and the lamps constantly needed replacing.

Case Study - Arena MK 

Officially opened in February 2014 when it played host to the English National Badminton Championships, Arena MK serves as a multi purpose facility capable of hosting a wide range of events including conferences, banquets, trade shows, world class sporting events and concerts.

Case Study - Coopervision 

CooperVision is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses. The company is dedicated to continually bringing a fresh perspective to the contact lens experience for practitioners and their patients. Its distribution centre at Fareham in the UK supplies 88 countries. Employing over 500 people, the centre has 11,200 m² of floor space with a maximum ceiling height of 11m.

Case Study - Tormin Sands Mine 

A workshop at the mine needs to be lit 24 hours a day, although there is some natural daylight. The building is up to 11m high. The mine’s project managers, Obsideo Consulting, together with their electrical & instrumentation contractors GVJ, specified their requirements for energy efficient lighting. The brief identified quality of light as being important as well as lamp life sufficient to keep maintenance costs to a minimum.


ionCORE™ is the name we give to the unique technology that drives Ceravision’s brilliant plasma lighting solutions. It sits at the heart of everything we do and powers all of the various applications, both current and planned, across the Ceravision product and service range.

ionCOM™ and ionSMART™ explained 

Ceravision’s ionCOM™ and ionSMART™ system is a wireless control system that allows the user to freely configure their lighting to deliver excellent savings in energy whilst ensuring the lighting is operated correctly and is set to the right levels.

ionLUX™ High Bay 

Ceravision has produced a range of high bay luminaires designed to meet the ever changing needs of large open working areas where both the quality and the quantity of light are paramount.

Further Information

Future Applications

Energy efficiency is a global driver within many markets and Ceravision’s core technology has the ability to address these markets. Due to the flexible nature of the technology we are able to facilitate a variety of power levels (400 W to 5 kW) and spectra ranging from visible to UV light.


Ceravision’s High Efficiency Plasma (HEP) light is particularly suited to medium and high power applications. The light is emitted from a very small source, which enables Ceravision to accurately focus and distribute the light. This in turn facilitates significantly greater optical performance.

Intellectual Property

Ceravision maintains an extensive Intellectual Property (“IP”) portfolio comprising Patents, Trade Marks and Design Rights.

Featured News

The testing of Ceravision’s High Efficiency Plasma (HEP) lamps in Rothamsted has been underway now for four months. The testing compares Ceravision’s HEP lamps with legacy metal halide lamps and new LED systems and their impact upon the growth of wheat.


Ceravision are delighted to announce the much anticipated debut of ionGROW, the world's first High Efficiency Plasma grow light, at the upcoming infoAgro exhibition taking place from the 10th - 12th May in Almeria, Spain.


Ceravision's Horticultural Growth Light Solution ionGROW™ is set to begin trials at Rothamsted Research.