Executive Committee


Tim Reynolds

Having gained over ten years banking experience working with early stage businesses and corporates through the Lloyds Bank Management Development Scheme (including running a number of London based Business Centres), Mr Reynolds decided to set up Ceravision. Since this time, he has set up a number of successful early stage businesses including Bletchley Park Capital Partners who have lead the redevelopment of Bletchley Park. Mr Reynolds is also Deputy Chairman of The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park, which houses Colossus, the world’s first computer.

Milan Patel

Mr Patel holds an honours law degree from Kings College, University of London and a Masters in Intellectual Property Law from University of London. He has been a qualified solicitor for over fifteen years. He has specialist experience in all types of commercial litigation including contract and intellectual property litigation. He has responsibility for all legal issues on behalf of the Company, including the licensing  and protection of the Company's extensive Intellectual Property portfolio.

Peter Crook

Currently Head of Finance with Executive responsibilities across the business, Mr Crook's general management experience has been gained in corporates and SMEs through project management, management consultancy and director-level roles in manufacturing, service and technology.  He has launched new ventures, raised funds and helped to deliver business expansion in several sectors, most recently in property development, global high-tech and Internet retailing. He is a graduate chartered engineer with a Cranfield MBA and with cross functional expertise encompassing strategy, finance, marketing and operations.

Mr Stuart Stoddart (Commercial Director)

Mr Stoddart has an established record in developing businesses from seed stage to exit. The earlier part of his career was in developing a small logistics business into a large distribution business with a national footprint and international reach. Over the past five years his focus has been on the green economy with interests in new technology lighting, renewable energy and aquaculture. This included the successful sales of plasma lighting in South Africa. Passionate about the juncture between technology and the environment and how new technology can improve the way we live, he also has an excellent commercial understanding and approach to the role technology and its applications and benefits in the emerging global green economies.

Further Information

Future Applications

Energy efficiency is a global driver within many markets and Ceravision’s core technology has the ability to address these markets. Due to the flexible nature of the technology we are able to facilitate a variety of power levels (400 W to 5 kW) and spectra ranging from visible to UV light.


Ceravision’s High Efficiency Plasma (HEP) light is particularly suited to medium and high power applications. The light is emitted from a very small source, which enables Ceravision to accurately focus and distribute the light. This in turn facilitates significantly greater optical performance.

Intellectual Property

Ceravision maintains an extensive Intellectual Property (“IP”) portfolio comprising Patents, Trade Marks and Design Rights.

Featured News

The testing of Ceravision’s High Efficiency Plasma (HEP) lamps in Rothamsted has been underway now for four months. The testing compares Ceravision’s HEP lamps with legacy metal halide lamps and new LED systems and their impact upon the growth of wheat.


Ceravision are delighted to announce the much anticipated debut of ionGROW, the world's first High Efficiency Plasma grow light, at the upcoming infoAgro exhibition taking place from the 10th - 12th May in Almeria, Spain.


Ceravision's Horticultural Growth Light Solution ionGROW™ is set to begin trials at Rothamsted Research.